FOI Request - Bullying in Schools

Request 101000164027

All answers should relate to the last four calendar years, be broken down for each year and have any relevant totals clearly displayed.

If possible, please provide the figures for both primary and secondary schools.

1. How many recorded cases of bullying/harassment have occurred and, for each case, please identify:
a) the nature of the bullying/harassment – i.e violence, racial, etc
b) the gender of the victim/complainant

2. How many requests were made for a pupil to change schools where bullying was mentioned as a reason and how many actually changed schools?

Response 10-07-2013

1. Schools hold reports of bullying in each pupil's PPR (Pupil's Personal Record), but do not hold an overview for the past four years and would have to go into each child's PPR to get this information.  This is therefore exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; excessive cost of compliance.

2. 09/10 – 12

    10/11 – 6

    11/12 – 4

    12/13 – 11

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