FOI Request - Safety & Life Saving Equipment

Request 101000162152

(1) What criterion or risk assessment do you carry out to decide if life saving or safety equipment should be provided at costal/tide waters?

(2) Do all of your beaches, costal or tidal waters have safety or life saving equipment installed?

(3) Whose responsibility is it to provide and maintain said safety/life saving equipment?

(4) Is training provided in the use of safety or life saving equipment?

(5) Are there regular inspections of the safety or life saving equipment?  If so, whose responsibility is it to carry out the inspections?

(6) Following serious incident at costal/tidal waters, do you have a procedure in place to evaluate the current provision of life saving equipment, and if no equipment present, to decide if equipment should be provided?  If so, what is the procedure?

Response 08-07-2013

1. At Buckie, Burghead, Cullen, Findochty, Hopeman, and Portknockie Harbours, life belts are positioned as per the Port Marine Safety Code.  The criteria for the location of life saving equipment is historical however this is in the process of being re-evaluated.

2. All 6 harbours have life belts.  The Moray Council does not own any beaches, however Moray Council has historically had equipment located at the following beaches:

Cullen      - Links

Findochty   - East and West Beaches

Buckie      - Strathlene

Buckie      - Buckpool Harbour

Lossiemouth - East and West Beaches

Lossiemouth - Esplanade

Lossiemouth - Station Park

Hopeman     - East and West Beaches

Burghead    - West Beach

Findhorn    - Pier

3. The Harbour Authority is responsible for providing and maintaining the safety/life saving equipment at the 6 harbours. On the sites where The Moray Council has traditionally located (see beaches at question2) life saving devices it has assumed responsibility for inspection and maintenance. On the sites where no Moray Council equipment is located it would be the land owner's responsibility.

4. Harbour employees have been trained.  No training is provided at the beach locations listed at question 2.

5. The Harbour master is responsible for inspecting the safety/life saving equipment at the 6 harbours. Life saving equipment located at the beaches listed in question 2 are inspected weekly by staff of The Moray Council.

6. Existing life belts are inspected at the 6 harbours and accident/incident report as per Port Marine Safety.  If the incident was on a site where life saving equipment is located The Environmental protection staff would carry out a re-evaluation of the provision.  If no equipment was present then it would be the responsibility of the land owner to evaluate.

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