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Request 101000161258

I'm placing a Freedom of Information request to ask for all cases or incidents between April 1, 2011, and April 1, 2013 in which the police have been asked to investigate an employee of the LEA working on a permanent or temporary basis in one of their schools, whether a teacher or other member of staff?

To be clear, I am asking for cases or incidents which are related to the employee's work but they do not necessarily have to take place on the school's premises.

Could you please provide as much detail as is held about the incident itself without revealing identity (ie. Teacher had ongoing sexual relationship with pupil both on and off school premises), the gender of the teacher or member of staff, their job title, the age and gender of the victim involved and whether they were a pupil, member of staff, parent or other member of the public?

Could you also make clear what action, if any, the LEA took against the teacher or member of staff? (ie. If the allegations are 'unproved and no action' or 'dismissed - allegation proved'.

Could you also make clear what financial settlement, if any, was given to the teacher or member of staff in question if dismissed from their role.

I understand you would not necessarily be able to provide information with regards to any criminal sentence as you are not the police, but if you have info with regards to that, could that be provided too.

Response 01-07-2013

The Moray Council have only 1 instance within the time frame mentioned.  The information requested is therefore exempt under Section 38 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, Personal Information.

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