FOI Request - Care at Home/Residential Care Home/Nursing Home

Request 101000159941

(a) What is the hourly rate charged to service users for care at home?  Can this be broken down by varying rates where appropriate?

(b)  What is the amount paid per person, per week for a placement in (i) a residential care home and (ii) a nursing home.  Can this figure be given for care of the elderly placements only?

Response 01-07-2013

(a) £11.00 per hour except for clients aged 65 and over receiving personal care who are not charged under the Free Personal Care legislation.

(b) The maximum weekly rate we will assist fund is:

  1. Residential £499.38
  2. Nursing £580.11

The minimum amount an older person will contribute per week towards either of these amounts is £121.50.

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