Housing Allocations Policy - Section 20

20. Complaints and appeal arrangements

20.1 In accordance with legislation, neither any Local Member for a Lettings Area in which a vacancy is situated nor any Local Member for a Lettings Area in which an applicant currently resides will be involved in the allocation decision for that vacancy.

20.2 The Council operates a Complaints Procedure that is available to any applicant who is not satisfied with the way in which the application has been dealt with.  Details of the Complaints Procedure can be obtained from any Council Office or Access Point.

20.3 Separate from the Complaints Procedure, a Review Procedure exists within the Allocations Policy to deal with instances where an applicant is dissatisfied with the decisions made on any aspect of the application.  An applicant who is not satisfied with decisions made on the application should seek to discuss the situation with the Senior Housing Needs Officer or his nominated representative in the first instance.  If an applicant remains dissatisfied, the applicant may write to the Housing Needs Manager to ask that the Housing Needs Review Group consider his/her case.

20.4 If an applicant remains dissatisfied following a decision by the Housing Needs Review Group, the applicant may write to the Head of Housing and Property, as the Council’s senior housing advisor, to request that the case is considered by a Sub Committee of the Communities Committee.

20.5 If an applicant requires assistance to pursue a complaint, review or appeal, Council staff will provide assistance or will refer the applicant to an appropriate agency who may assist the applicant.

20.6 In accordance with legislation, any Sub Committee hearing will not involve either any Local Member for the Lettings Area in which a vacancy under appeal is situated or any Local Member for the area in which the applicant currently resides.

20.7 An applicant has the right to pursue any complaint of maladministration in relation to a housing application with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman or to seek a judicial review where this is appropriate.

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