Housing Allocations Policy - Section 8

8. Applicant Choices

8.1 Applicants will be asked to identify any preferred heating type and house type.  In addition applicants will be asked to identify:

8.2 Preferred areas of choice

8.2.1 The Housing List maintained by the Council will be organised into lettings areas.  Applicants can apply for as many or as few lettings areas as they wish.  Applicants will be considered equally for all of the letting areas that they have chosen.  Applicants on the Homeless List will be considered for any available suitable property in Moray as long as it considered reasonable in terms of homeless legislation.

8.2.2 Applicants will be asked to indicate the top three letting areas where they would prefer to live.  The Council will use this information for strategic purposes.

8.3 Size of housing

8.3.1 Applicants will be asked to indicate their preferred house size.  However, actual house size required, based on the bedroom requirement, will be taken into consideration when allocating properties. In assessing bedroom deficiency or overcrowding, rooms which are less than 6.5 square metres in area or without natural lighting will not be included.

8.3.2 Separate bedrooms are required for:
• Husband/wife or similar partnerships
• Each person aged 16 years or over
• Children aged 5 years or over of different sex from other children of any age Children of the same sex where there is an age difference of 5 years or more between the elder and the younger child
No more than two persons of any age should occupy one bedroom.

8.3.3 Click here to see Household Size table.

8.3.4 It should be noted that the Council’s size criteria differs to the criteria used by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).  The size of property allocated will depend on the household composition and will generally operate as follows:

Each application will be considered on an individual basis. In order to make best use of housing stock and maximise choice there may be exceptions to this.  

8.4. Ground floor properties

8.4.1 In order to make best use of housing stock and meet specific housing need, for the purposes of one and two bedroom ground floor properties only, the Council will offer flexibility for the house size that an applicant may be considered for.  

8.4.2 The housing list for one and two bedroom ground floor properties will be combined.  Applicants assessed as requiring a one bedroom ground floor property will also be considered for two bedroom ground floor properties.  The applicant with the highest level of need will be allocated the property.

8.4.3 In the event that an applicant is deemed to require a one bedroom property and is eligible for under occupancy points and the applicant decided to accept a two bedroom property, the award of under occupancy points would be adjusted accordingly.  For example, a single person household occupying a three bedroom Council house would receive 200 under occupancy points when being considered for a one bedroom ground floor vacancy.  The award of points, when being considered for a two bedroom ground floor vacancy, would be adjusted to 100 under occupancy points.

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