Housing Allocations Policy - Section 7

7. The Housing List

7.1 Application to the Housing List is made via the web based Common Housing Register, “Apply4Homes”*.  This enables applicants to apply to all for council and housing association properties with Apply4Homes partners across Moray and Aberdeenshire using one application process. The Apply4Homes website is an applications portal which collects information. It does not make any assessment of housing need.
* An applicant, or person seeking to be housed with an applicant, who is subject to the notification requirements of the Sex Offences Act 2003, must contact the Council’s Sex Offender Liaison Officer (SOLO) to submit an application.

7.2 The Council and its Apply4Homes partners will provide advice and assistance to applicants who do not have internet access or who may require additional support to complete the online application.

7.3 The Housing List will comprise the Transfer List, the Homeless List and the Waiting List.  Applicants accepted onto the Transfer List will currently be tenants of The Moray Council.  The Homeless List will contain those applicants who have been assessed by the Council as being unintentionally homeless.  All other applicants will be placed on the Waiting List.  The Council will seek to admit applicants to the Waiting/Transfer List within 10 working days of their application being received by the Council.

7.4 The ratio of allocations to be made to each List will be determined annually by the Communities Committee of the Council and will be applied at a Moray wide level (except for properties detailed in the local lettings plan.  Refer to section 12 of the policy).

7.5 Details of point levels etc will be provided to applicants, in writing, on acceptance of their application to the Housing List.  Applicants may request details of their points levels at reasonable intervals.  The Council will only be able to provide points and positions for its Housing List.  If an applicant has made application to another Apply4Homes partner, the applicant must contact that landlord directly.

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