Housing Allocations Policy - Sections 5 & 6

5. Eligibility Criteria 

5.1 In accordance with the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, the Moray Council operates an ‘open’ housing list.   Eligibility for accessing a housing list only takes into account the age of the applicant.  Anyone aged 16 years and over is entitled to be admitted to the Housing List.  The right to be admitted to the list is not a right to be allocated a house.

5.2 The rights of non-UK nationals to housing and homelessness provisions are a complex area.  The Council will ensure that applications received from non-UK nationals are processed in accordance with legislation.

6. Information and Advice

6.1 The Council will provide applicants with information and advice about their housing application. The Council aims to provide easily understood advice leaflets on the Allocations Policy and to provide details of alternative accommodation in the area, where possible. The Council will develop information and advice in a variety of formats such as large print, tape and Braille. The Council will provide interpreting services free of charge, where these are required to assist applicants.

6.2 The Council will treat all applicants for housing with courtesy, sensitivity and in complete confidence.  Applicants can request an interview with a member of staff to discuss their housing application.  Applicants may request a same sex interview if they have to attend any interview.  Applicants will have the right to have a relative, friend or advisor present at any interview.  Interviews will be held in private interview rooms and all information will be treated in complete confidence.

6.3 The Council will make available to each applicant a summary of the Allocations Policy.  On request, a copy of the full policy document will be made available free of charge.

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