FOI Request - Children Missing From Education

Request 101000158777

1. How many children under the age of 18 have been removed from schools under the administration of Moray local authority, for whom there is no evidence of transfer to another school in a different local authority?
In other words how many children are 'missing' from Moray schools?

2. Do you have a breakdown of the ethnicity of these children?

3. How many children from a South Asian origin have gone missing from school in the  Moray  local authority area? (Please note by 'South Asian' I mean children who have Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghani, Pakistani, or Sri Lankan backgrounds)

4. What are the ages of the children who have gone missing from school?

5. Are detailed records kept in the  Moray local authority area about the numbers of children missing from school?

6. If you have a year-by-year breakdown of information relating to the disappearance of children from schools in Moray for the last 5 years, please send that through too.

Response 20-06-2013 

1. None

2. N/A

3. None

4. N/A

5. Yes

6. N/A

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