FOI Request - Welfare Assistance Scheme

Request 101000157397

I would be very grateful if you can provide the following information as well as pass on a copy of this letter to the relevant
head of department so that they are able to contact me directly if they feel that they can benefit from the services of the above mentioned organisation.

1. Is your Local Authority providing Welfare Assistance / support to residents in
your area?
2. If so: what scheme is being operated? Please specify
a. Name of scheme
b. What services are being delivered
c. Total budget available
d. Who is operating scheme
i.e. in-house administered or if outsourced , please specify which organisation
e. If in-house administered what resources do you have or need to support the
delivery of the scheme?
f. Length of Scheme
g. Contract Start and End Date
3. Are you seeking to tender any contracts to manage the provision of a Welfare
Assistance Scheme?
a. If so, through which portal will this tender be advertised and how can it be
4. If not delivering now, what is the deadline for submitting a tender, and what is
the process?
5. Who is the person responsible for the procurement/delivery of the Welfare
Assistance/ Crisis Scheme in your Local Authority/Council or which external
company is in charge of the contract?
a. First Name and Surname
b. Job Title
c. Email address
d. Contact Number
e. Address (inc postcode)

Response 12-06-2013

1. Yes.

2a. Scottish Welfare Fund.

b. community Care grants & crisis grants.

c. £387,117.

d. In-house - The Moray Council.

e. Currently 4 FTE

f. 2 year interim scheme

g. No contract - arrangement with Scottish Government

3. Contract due for renewal later this year.

a. Public Scotland Contract Portal.

4. N/A

5a. Norma Matheson

b. Benefits Manager


d. 01343 563161

e. The Moray Council, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

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