FOI Request - Kingston Coastal Defences

Request 101000157181

I am requesting from you all information relating to the March 2006 Jacobs Babtie Report and all related Council documents and correspondence.  This is to include all Moray Council reports, mails, letters, committee meetings, sub-committee meetings, and everything from the start to the finish in relation to the Kingston Coastal Defenses.

Response 08-07-2013

1. Environmental Services Committee - 26 October 2005, Item 11 'Kingston Coast Protection'.  Available here and here. (PDF)

2. Flood Alleviation Sub Committee - 12 April 2006, Item 11 'Kingston Coastal Protection Scheme - Business Case Review'.  Available here. (PDF)

3. 'The River Spey and Spey Bay Coastline - Management Strategy - Report Part 1 - May 1996'. (PDF)

4. 'Spey Bay Geomorphological Review and Monitoring Strategy'.(PDF)

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