FOI Request - Burghead Library

Request 101000156448

Please let me know the exact sum of money that will need to be repaid to the EEC should Moray Council close Burghead library before 2016.

I want to know the sum attributable to our own library - not the gross figure for all 7 so that we can compare the penalty sum with the annual running costs quoted to us of £7,800

Response 05-06-2013

The European grant received in respect of Burghead Library and which will require to be repaid should the library close is £11,443.

The direct annual running costs of Burghead Library amount to £7,811, but these do not include central support and management costs.

These central costs include the cost of new lending materials, computer software and licences, systems management, staff supervision and central support costs relating to acquisitions, stock circulation, stock requests and delivery of materials. Hence the costs of the provision of Burghead Library are appreciably greater.

Clearly a proportion of these savings supports library activity at Burghead as does the overall libraries budget.

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