FOI Request - School Library Provision

Request 101000155827

     1. What form of centralised Schools’ Library Service if any does

     your authority provide, please outline the various services offered

     such as Continuing Professional Development, Inter Library lending,

     Project kits etc.


     2. If your authority provides a centralised School Library Service

     please provide the annual budget figures for the past 5 years

     showing expenditure on Salaries, Staff development, Resource

     acquisition etc.


     3. Please provide me with a list of your School Libraries with

     details of staffing in each.


     4. Please state the minimum requirements to become a School

     Librarian in your authority.


     5. Please supply the pay grade scale for professional Library staff

     in your authority.


     6. Please provide the average Book/Resources fund allocation per

     School again for the past 5 years.


     7. Please supply me with copies of all internal reports on the

     future of School Library provision in your authority.

Response 06-06-2013

1. There is no centralised Schools Library Service.


2. The service was removed in 2009 as part of budget savings being implemented.


3. The school libraries are as follows; Buckie High, Elgin Academy, Elgin High, Forres Academy, Keith Grammar, Lossiemouth High, Milne's High & Speyside High.  Each has a full-time librarian.


4. Qualified librarian, ie degree or post graduate qualification in librarianship/information science.


5. £27,052-£29,623


6. This is a matter devolved to individual head teachers under the Devolved School Management Scheme (DMS) and no central records are held in this regard.  An estimate would be c.£1,500-£2,000 for each secondary school library.

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