FOI Request - Wind Turbines

Request 101000155013

(1) How many wind turbine applications have been approved each year for the last five years?

(2) Of these how many had a section 75 agreement as described in SPP paragraph 186 to deal with decommissioning applied to their conditions each year for the past five years?

(3) What financial guarantees have been secured under section 75 agreement for wind turbines each year for the past five years?

Response 05-06-2013

(1) information can be found here and here. PDF Logo

For question 2 and 3 there have been no S.75 agreements dealing with decommissioning or financial bonds taken these have been dealt with by planning conditions.  S.36 applications have had S.75's and bonds relating to decommissioning but these are not classed as applications.

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