FOI Request - Compensation Claim Payouts

Request 101000155001

For each over the past five years –

(1) Could you please tell me how many compensation claims you have received from children/pupils for both incidents within schools and on school trips? Broken down to specify whether primary or secondary school.

(2) Could you please detail how many payouts have been made to children and parents for incidents both within schools and on school trips?

(3) Could you list the yearly payout figure in POUNDS and provide a list of each payout amount for the past five years.

(4) Could you provide the top payout amount?

(5) Could you tell me what these payouts were for, with a detail of the incident without identifying the child?

Response 03-06-2013

(1) 2008/09 = 1 claim (Primary School)

2009/10 = 1 claim (Secondary School)

2010/11 =  No claims

2011/12 = 1 claim (Primary School)

2012/13 =  No claims

(2) 2008/09 = 1 claim paid out

2009/10 = Claim repudiated

2010/11 = No claims

2011/12 = Claim repudiated

2012/13 = No claims

(3) There has only been one claim paid out in 2008/09, which was £7,975.00.  This total includes payment to the third party injury, third party solicitors costs, own solicitors cost, medical fees etc.  

(4) Only one payout has been made, see (3) above.

(5) Only one claim paid out.  In the opinion of our insurers, the council was found legally libel.  The pupil was injured whilst playing on playground equipment

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