FOI Request - Parent/Teacher Compensation Claims

Request 101000154907

1. How many claims have you had from a)parents/children and b) teachers for compensation after an a) accident  b) injury c) slip d) trip  e) fall on primary and secondary school premises for each following school year: 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 , 2012-2013 for all answers please  

2. Please state how many of these claims from a)parents/children and b) teachers  have been successful?

3. Please state how much money has the local authority paid out in compensation to a) parents/children and b) teachers as a result of accidents on primary and secondary school property per year over the last 5 years?

4. Please provide a copy of any specific policies regarding responsibility for claims and how quickly cases must be settled?

5. Please provide details of any education budget cuts that have been made as a result of these claims, if so please outline the scale of the cuts that you have had to implement?

Response 30-05-2013

Q1 & Q2

a) Parents/Children

2007/08 - 1 x Accident (Repudiated)

2008/09 - 2 x Accident & 1 x Fall (2 x Repudiated & 1 x Paid Out)

2009/10 - Nil

2010/11 - Nil

2011/12 - 1 x Accident (Repudiated)

2012/13 - 1 x Trip (Still Ongoing)

b) Teachers

2007/08 - 1 x Slip (Paid Out)

2008/09 - Nil

2009/10 - 2 x Slip (1 x Repudiated & 1 Still Ongoing)

2010/11 - 2 x Slip (Both Paid Out)

2011/12 - 1 x Slip (Repudiated)

2012/13 -  Nil

Q3. I am unable to provide details of amount paid in compensation to parents/children and teachers as our insurance database only records the full amount paid out on a particular claim (this can include payment to the third party injury, solicitors costs for third party and our own solicitors costs, medical fees etc)

Q4. Not applicable

Q5. Not applicable

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