FOI Request - Information Security

Request 101000154523

I am interested in information security.

I would therefore like to request:

(1) Your information/data security policy; and

(2) Details of any training/information given to staff on security and data-handling.

Response 20-06-2013

(1)  Council Information ICT Security Policy can be found here. PDF Logo

(2)  Information Security Section of the council intranet to provide a one stop portal for staff to look at information on DPA, FOISA, Information Security

Training is currently under development to provide e-learning for all staff. 

DPA is covered by each section as part of new staff departmental induction.  Different sections handle it in different ways.  We haven't delivered a DPA course in years.  However, DPA is referred to in many Moray Council's courses.

FOISA training was initially offered to senior officers and then to the appointed representatives from each section (co-ordinated by the Communications team). The sensitivity of information is conveyed within the section who hold it. 

The need to convey the responsibility to each employee will be easier to determine after the LMS has been installed and e learning becomes a possibility.  Until then there is no corporate approach.

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