FOI Request - Flood Alleviation Works

Request 101000154075

Where has the Council carried out/started/finished flood alleviation works including coastal protection schemes within the last 10 years?

What was the total cost of the works finished and currently under construction?

What other locations has the Council identified as requiring flood alleviation and coastal defence works carried out?

What are the projected costs of such proposed projects?

What was/is the number of residential and commercial properties with their total value for each scheme protected by a flood alleviation scheme?

What percentage of each scheme listed above was paid for by the Government?

What percentage, if any, of the costs of the above schemes was paid by the land/property owner?

What legislation is in place to force land owners to take action to prevent rivers flooding and/or causing river bank erosion?

Response 20-06-2013 

  1. Please see the attached Biennial Report here PDF Logo and List of Committee Reports here PDF Logo.  The Committee reports can be located by accessing this link:  For
  2. As question 1.
  3. As question 1.
  4. As question 1.
  5. We have numbers but not values. Protected properties are approximately, as follows, Elgin - 800, Forres (Burn of Mosset) – 800, Forres (River Findhorn & Pilmuir) – 1000, Rothes – 400, Lhanbryde – 37.
  6. Since 2008 strictly speaking none. It is all general capital grant. Lhanbryde would be different and the first part of Burn of Mosset (about 80% and 15% respectively).
  7. None.
  8. None.

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