FOI Request - Death with no Next of Kin

Request 101000152996

I would like to know details of anyone who has died with no known next of kin from 1/1/2013 to the day of your reply.

Please include details of any cases that either have been referred to the Q&LTR, NUHU or the Procurator Fiscal or any other department, public or private firm firm or body, or are awaiting referral to same, or cases where it is undecided if referral is to be made at this stage.

1. their full names

2. the date they died

3. the approximate value of their estate

4. their dates of birth or age at death

5. whether or not they were married, divorced, single, or widowed

6. the maiden surnames of married females or widows

7. their  address at death

8. the date when a referral was made of this estate to either the Queens & Lord Treasurers Remembrancers Office or  the National Ultimus Haeres Unit (NUHU)of the Procurator Fiscal Office.

9. If a referral to the Q & LTR/NUHU has not yet been made and you think it will be made soon could you advise me of this too.

Response 29-05-2013

From 01 January 2013, there have been no deaths with no known next of kin. 

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