FOI Request - Dog Homes

Request 101000152838

1.) How many dog homes are you responsible for? Please include homes or facilities that you run, part-run, contract out, or have any other arrangements with.

2.) At each home, how many dogs were destroyed in financial year 2012-2013 (or most recent available 12 month period)?

3.) If held, please give a tally of the different reasons for the dogs being destroyed (e.g. 20 could not be rehomed, 20 were dangerous, 20 were ill, etc.).

4.) How long is it your policy to keep dogs for before destroying them?

Response 27-05-2013

1) One.

2) One.

3) Aggressive behaviour.

4) 7 days minimum after which time the kennels will attempt to re-home the dog. Animals are only destroyed as a last resort.

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