FOI Request - Council Parking Rules

Request 101000151755

1.Does the council have free parking on a Sunday? If not, when was free parking on a Sunday scrapped?

2.What are the longest parking enforcement hours and where do they apply?

3.How much are parking charges in the area where the longest hours apply?

4.Have parking charges been increased in the council area in the last five years? If so, in which areas, and how much were the charges at their cheapest and how much are they now?

5.Has the price of disabled blue badges been put up in the past five years? If so, how much were they previously and how much are they now?

6.Has the price of any residents’ permits been put up in the past five years? If so, which areas were these permits for, how much were they previously and how much are they now?

7.Have any other parking rules been changed by the council in the last five years?

8.Taken cumulatively, how much money a year are the parking changes introduced in the last five years believed to have saved the council?

Response 07-06-2013

1.    Parking in pay and display car parks are free on a Sunday

2.    All pay and display car parks are operational between 08.00 - 18.00 - maximum       time allowed to park is listed below:

       Up to 2 hours     Batchen Lane Multi Storey Car Park Level 1

                                 St Giles Multi Storey Car Park Levels 5 & 6

      Up to 4 hours     Moray Street

                                North Port

                                Ladyhill Road

                                South Street

      Up to 10 hours    Northfield Terrace

                                 Hall Place

                                 Lossie Green

                                 Lossie Wynd

                                Greyfriars St (Sat only)

                                HQ Annexe (Sat Only)

3.    £4.00 for 4 - 10 hours in all except Lossie Green/Lossie Wynd

       £1.00 for up to 10 hours in Lossie Green/Lossie Wynd

4.    Charge increases in last 5 years:

      11/2/10     Up to 1 hour      £1.00

                       Up to 2 hours     £1.50

                       Up to 4 hours     £3.00

                       Up to 10 hours    £4.00

      5/12/11     Up to 1 hour charge scrapped and Up to 2 hours reduced to £1.00

      2/10/12     Up to 4 hours charge reduced to £2.00

5.    Blue Badges in Moray are currently subject to a £20 charge.  This charge came into effect for financial year 2011/12. Prior to this date the cost was zero.

6.    Parking permits are issued in the following locations in Elgin but we do not charge for them.

      The streets are:

      Batchen Lane (even numbers 4 - 40)

      Masonic Close (numbers 1-18)

      Netherport (1-21)

      North Port (Even numbers 2 - 14, all numbers 16 - 23, odd numbers 27 - 79) South Street (odd numbers 81 - 87 and odd numbers 91 - 109)

7.    No change

8.    Saving - NIL

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