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Request 101000151391

Would you please provide me a link or record to show where in the record of the Aberlour public consultation these DDCA representative comments were recorded?

Could you provide the website link or information for the impacts on the general public of the intended library closures? (I'm understanding from your email below you believe this has been completed).

Could you list the groups that are included in the EIA please such as the elderly, unemployed etc.?

Would you be so kind as to list the consultees that are included in the specific consultation for Dufftown please.  I'll ask the Committee to cross-reference to ensure that all the protected groups have been identified, though I'm not sure that there are any specific groups representing the elderly for example.  I think that this just left to the DDCA, hence my surprise to find that it has been left of the list of consultees when Mr Riddell indicated that the Manager of the EIA would be in contact with the DDCA.

Response 20-05-2013

The feedback from the general consultation can be found here. I particularly would like to draw your attention to the appendices that can be found there. Comments cannot be traced to individuals but it is indicated which area the comments come from.

The groups that we will engage with during the consultation are:


  • elderly (60+)
  • elderly housebound
  • elderly in care homes
  • carers
  • 0-3 years old
  • Pre-school
  • School age
  • Adults, including people on benefits

Sex/Pregnancy and maternity in relation to the above younger age groups



  • Physical and sensory impairment
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Mental health
  • Housebound
  • Carers

In relation to the welfare reform, job clubs and internet access we will also consult with jobcentre plus and Skills Development Scotland.

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