FOI Request - Engine Idling

Request 101000148664

I wish  to ask about people given fixed penalty notices by the councils for having their engines idling in their cars.


1.Can you tell me please how many fines were handed out to people caught with their engines idling in the council area in 2012-13 and separately in 2011-12, 2010-11 and 2009-10.

2.How much are people fined for leaving their engines idling and is there a minimum time for which the engine must be idling before the offender is fined?

3.Could I have the total value of the fines handed out for each separate year.

4.How many were collected and to what value for each separate year?

5.Are there staff employed whose job description includes helping to stop motorists from leaving their engines idling. If so, how many staff?


Response 03-02-2013 

Moray Council have never issued such a penalty notice for this ‘offence’ as our Environmental Health section do not enforce the legislation in this regard.

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