FOI Request - ICT Infrastructure

Request 101000148551

  1. What is the name, official title and contact details of the Director responsible for Information Technology deployments?
  2. What is the name , official title and contact details of the person responsible for defining your Data, Voice, Video, unified communications and Conferencing requirements?
    1. Data;
    2. Voice;
    3. Video;
    4. Unified Communications
    5. Conferencing;
    6. ICT Security:
  3. How many connected users do you have and how many sites are these users distributed over?
  4. Please provide details of manufacturer(s) and model (s) of existing PBX equipment used across the network.
  5. Do you have any plans to implement / upgrade PBX equipment to support VoIP?
  6. How much are you paying for telephony calls between council locations?
  7. Who is your primary data network ( LAN / WAN ) vendor?
  8. Who is your call center vendor?
  9. Please state number of call center seats?
  10. Who are your voice service providers?
  11.  Do you have (or are there plans) to upgrade voice connectivity to use SIP trunks
  12.  Do you use or plan to implement unified communications between sites?
  13.  Who is your primary Unified communications vendor?
  14.  Do you use or have plans to implement Microsoft Lync between locations.
  15.  What VoIP projects have been identified within the next 12 months?
  16.  Do you use a consultancy company for ICT advice or training? If so, what company?
  17.  Is your ICT needs provided under a managed service contract? If so, what company?

Response 27-05-2013

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