FOI Request - Staff Split by Men & Women

Request 101000147916

(1) I would like to know the total number of staff employed by your council showing the ratio between men and women.

(2) Then I would like you to tell me the number of staff on the highest pay grades also showing the ratio between men and women.

(3) Please can you also indicate what salaries those grades command.

Response 02-05-2013 


As per the Joint Staffing Watch return in March 2013:    

Male                      1362

Female                 3639


(2)  Not sure what is meant by “highest pay grades”, so have assumed Directors and Heads of Service:

1 Chief Executive - male

3 Corporate Directors – 3 male

10 Heads of Service – 4 male, 6 female



Chief Executive – salary £104,562

Corporate Director – salary £87,832

Head of Service – salary £70,308

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