FOI Request - Commissioned Homecare Services

Request 101000147845

1. Please can you list all the providers of homecare services that your council commissions?

2. Can you list the start and end date of their contracts?

3. How many staff do they employ to provide this service?

4. Please can you also indicate the nature of their contract? (i.e. whether they are spot contracts or guaranteed a certain number of hours)

5. If they are guaranteed hours can you indicate how many they are allocated?

6. Do you have any in-house provision of homecare services? If so how many hours are they allocated?

7. Finally, does your council commission homecare visits of 15 minutes?

Response 08-05-2013

1. Allied Health Care (Homecare)

2. 22 April 2013 - 31 Mar 2015

3. 60

4. Service provision as required - no guarantee of number of hours

5. Not applicable

6. Yes - 7000 hours

7. Yes

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