FOI Request - Electric Charging Points

Request 101000146698

I would like to know the following under the FOI Act:

1. How many electric car charging points are you responsible for (either directly or through a contractor)?

2. How much have you spent on electric car charging in the past three years? Please give a separate total for each financial year (ending 2011, 2012 and 2013) and include installation, operating, maintenance and any other related costs. Please also include the use of any grants, rather than offset them.

3. How many times has each charging point been used in the past 12 months? Please use April 2012 – March 2013 if possible, otherwise the most recent 12 month period available.

I would like to receive copies of any documents that contain the actual information. Therefore, if it is necessary to redact any information, please remove the relevant portion and disclose the remainder of the document.

Response 07-05-2013

1. 5 twin head points

2. 2011 - 0

2012 - £25,804.34

2013 - £484.00

(All monies via grant funding)

3. This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 (1b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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