FOI Request - Financial Remuneration - Council Chief Executive

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This is a Freedom of Information request to ask about the financial remuneration of the council’s chief executive.

1.Can you please confirm the name of the chief executive, tell me how long have they been in the post and what their salary is.

2.Can you tell me, for each year for which the chief executive has been in post, how much they took home in bonuses and any other auxiliary payments. Can you tell me what the bonus was awarded for specifically.

3.For each year, how much did the chief executive get towards their pension pot? What is the cash equivalent transfer value of their pension pot currently and what is the projected yearly income from their pension?

4.Also, are there any perks the chief executive is entitled to, such as the use of a car? Please can you list these and if they include the use of the car, can you tell me please the make and model of the car and how much the car was bought for in which year.

5.Has the chief executive had any role in drawing up his/her salary, bonuses, or pension arrangements?

Response 20-05-2013

1. The current Chief Executive is Mr. Roderick Burns. He was appointed on 1 October 2012 after serving as Acting Chief Executive from 15 June 2011. His annual salary is £104,562.

2. Bonuses are not awarded by this Council. For the financial year 2012/13, Mr Burns received taxable expenses of £620. This was for the whole year during which Mr Burns served as Acting Chief Executive and then Chief Executive.

3. Details of the Council’s contribution to each Senior Employee’s pension during the year is disclosed in the Remuneration Report in the Annual Report and Financial Statements which are on the Council’s website once the Accounts are published. For the year 2012/13 the Council’s contribution to Mr Burns’ pension in his capacity as Acting Chief Executive (1 April to 30 September 2012) and Chief Executive (1 October to 31 March 2013) was £20,181. The accrued pension benefits at 31 March 2013 are annual pension £41,684 and lump sum £104,139. The value of the benefits has been calculated on the basis of the age at which Mr Burns will first become entitled to receive a full pension on retirement without reduction on account of its payment at that age; without exercising any option to commute pension entitlement into a lump sum; and without any adjustment for the effects of future inflation. The pension figures relate to benefits accrued as a consequence of his total local government service and not just his current appointment. Disclosure of the cash equivalent transfer value is exempt under section 36 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as it is considered personal and confidential.

4. The Chief Executive is not entitled to any perks.

5. The Chief Executive has no role in drawing up his salary or pension arrangements. His salary is set by reference to national arrangements. The Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee sets the salaries for the Chief Executives of Scottish Local Authorities. Pension benefits are provided through the Local Government Pension Scheme.

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