FOI Request - Care Home Closures

Request 101000145714

(1) This is a Freedom of Information request to ask how many council-owned care homes, residential centres and community centres have been closed by the council in the past ten years.

(2) For each can you please tell me the name of the establishment, where it was, if it was residential, how many people lived there or attended, who it was for (eg elderly people or people with learning disabilities), when it closed and how many staff worked there.

(3) Can you tell me the reason for the closure and tell me where the residents or service users were transferred to in each case – again providing the name of the place they were transferred to and the exact address.

(4) For each, can you tell me how much money was estimated to have been saved by closing the service/home.

Response 14-05-2013

No council-owned care homes or day centres have been closed by us in last 10 years.

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