FOI Request - Council-owned Buildings - Asbestos

Request 101000144051

(1) How many council-owned buildings contain asbestos? Please provide a breakdown in the format of a table with the following information:

(2) Type of building, eg school, leisure centre, library etc.

(3) Name / address of the building

(4) Type of asbestos – eg crocidolite

(5) How many units of council-owned housing stock contain asbestos?

(6) i) How many buildings have undergone work to remove asbestos in the last five years? ii) What is the total cost of that work?

(7) What would be the total estimated cost for removing all asbestos from all council-owned buildings?

Response 22-04-2013

We have 53 schools and 192 other corporate buildings. All these operational buildings have Asbestos Registers available for inspection on the site, as current legislation requires.

I can confirm that the department holds information which would answer your request. However, we estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the cost of £600.00 which is the limit specified by the Scottish Ministers in Scottish Statutory Instruments, 2004 numbers 376 and 467. If the cost of complying with a request is higher than £600.00 we do not have to supply the information under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Excessive Cost of Compliance.

The £600.00 represents the projected costs of a member of staff paid a maximum of £15.00 per hour taking 40 hours in locating, retrieving and providing the information requested.

However, if you were able to narrow, clarify or refine your enquiry and make a new request for information we may be able to answer your enquiry within the cost limit.

We have recently responded to another request regarding asbestos, and the response can be found here

Additional Information 29-04-2013

(5) 1256 Properties with asbestos externally (soffits, bargeboards etc)

179 Properties with asbestos internally (thermoplastic floor tiles, asbestos coated water tanks, artex coatings to ceilings) - note that this is only individual properties that have been tested to date.

61 Properties with asbestos present in common areas (stair nosings, door panels etc)

(6i) 50 properties have had asbestos materials removed

(ii) £151,200

(7) It is not possible to provide a comprehensive figure for the housing stock.

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