FOI Request - Council Tax Bands & Average Rent

Request 101000140348

(1) I would like the records your authority holds on the charges for all tax bands and average rent charged from 2010/11 onwards.

(2) I would like you to denote the financial years in which council elections were held (NB: excluding by-elections and other anomalies; I am referring only to the years in which scheduled elections took place).

(3) Where possible, state the political group in overall control of the council at its annual meeting in each of the years for which figures are provided (or state no overall control, where applicable). To be clear, this would usually confirm the political group responsible for setting rent and tax for the subsequent year.

Response 07-05-2013

(1) Council Tax Bands

YearBand ABand BBand CBand DBand EBand FBand GBand H

Rent (48 week cycle)

2010/11 = £47.18

2011/12 = £49.08

2012/13 = £50.84

(2) 2012/13 (May 2012)

(3) Independent/Conservative control throughout time frame.

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