FOI Request - Funerals

Request 101000138912

I am conducting research on council expenses and I would like to request some information regarding to funerals that the council has held since 1st October 2012.

Would you please provide answers to the following questions:

(1) How many funerals (public health funerals/national assistance funerals) have been held by the council since 1st October?

Please provide the cost for each funeral held.

For each funeral also provide:

a) Date of death and/or date of birth of the deceased

b) Date of funeral provided

c) Name of the deceased

d) Last known address (if known)

e) Have the next of kin been traced?

f) Have the details of the deceased been referred to the QLTR, Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Cornwall, Duchy of Lancaster, or any other organisation/governing body?

g) The councils reason for providing this funeral?

Response 03-04-2013

(1) Since 01/10/12 we have  provided one funeral. Cost £450 plus undertaker costs(invoice not yet submitted)

a) date of death 06/02/13

b) 27/02/13

c) Hans Jurgen Migulski

d) 3 Westfield Cottages Elgin IV30 8XL

e) Yes.

f) No.

g) Next of kin unable to provide.

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