FOI Request - Hopeman Harbour - Moving Sand

Request 101000138218

Under The Freedom of Information Act, I wish you to provide me with the complete wording of the law which prohibits the boat owners of Hopeman from moving sand within the harbour to facilitate the safe movement of boats in and out of the harbour. Please Note the word moving, NOT removing.

Please state whether this law is National or a local By-Law.  If National, please state it's number and title on The Statute Book, or if a By-Law, it's title and number, and under which Authority it was passed and when.

Response 09-04-2013

This information is publicly available and is therefore exempt under Section 25 (1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Having said that , I spoke with Doug Reid of Marine Scotland and he will contact you directly for more details about your proposal .

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