FOI Request - Home Carers in Snowy Conditions

Request 101000138154

1. Details of all risk assessments or other written documentation in relation to the risks posed to home carers from working in inclement/snowy/icy conditions for the period 2003 to date.

2. Details of all instructions, written instructions, documents or memos providing training or guidance to home carers working in icy, snowy or inclement conditions for the period 2003 to date.

3. Details of all personal protective equipment provided to home carers for use in icy/snowy/inclement conditions for the period 2003 to date.

4. Details of all assessments, investigations or reviews into assessing the suitability of providing home carers with personal protective equipment such as “Yak trax” shoe attachments, crampons, cleats, shoe grips or other
footwear for use in icy, snowy or inclement weather for the period 2003 to date.

5. Details of all accidents involving home carers slipping or falling in wintry ice and snow conditions for the period 1st January 2003 to date.

Response 22-04-2013

1. A Risk Assessment was completed approximately 3 winters ago for the Keith and Speyside areas whereby carers had to make a judgement themselves if they felt getting to certain homes posed a risk and would turn back. We did not hold any records of these on file.

2. Along with the Risk Assessment as in Point 1, there was a management plan advising carers of the protocol to follow when making a judgement that it was too risky to get to certain properties. Again, this was not held on file.

3. Home Carers are only issued with waterproof jackets, we do not issue any footwear.

4. This has not been completed.

5. A Home Carer slipped on ice and claimed this was a work related injury in approximately December 2009. This was investigated by Health & Safety and their advice was this was not classed as a work related injury.

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