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(1) What was the cost of converting, making ready and equipping for use the former classrooms in Rothes Primary School into the Library, and how were these costs broken down?

(2) What was the source of funding, and the contact details for the source of funding for this work.

(3) Was any of the funding subject to any kind of sustainability clause, test or condition, and if so what were the sustainability terms?

(4) What was the cost of relocating, making ready and equipping the Nursery from the Rothes School building to the present detached Nursery building, and what is the breakdown of these costs?

(5) What was the source of the funding used to set up the Nursery in its present building and what are the contact details for that source(s)?

(6) Was any of the funding in connection with the Nursery subject to any sustainability clause, test or condition, and if so what were the terms of such condition, test or clause?

(7) In the event that the Council decided to ignore community and public concerns and decided to close the Public Library in Rothes what use would then be made of the vacated premises in the Rothes Primary School building?

(8) What is the estimated cost of vacating the premises, including costs of altering access arrangements, internal alterations and cost of removing stock and equipment and cost of storing or disposing of the same?

(9) What is the Council's view of the impact on the educational, cultural and recreational life of the community of all ages should the Library be closed in Rothes?

Response 18-04-2013

(1)   The cost of providing library/learning centre/toilet provision at Rothes School was £80,000.  Within this computer/network costs were c.£8,000 and library shelving £6,500, the remainder being building-related costs.

(2)   £14,091 of the costs came from ERDF Structural Funding grants with the remainder from Moray Council capital funding. The contact with Moray Council for ERDF funding is Reni Milburn, 01343 563425 or

(3)   A condition of European Funding is that it should meet specific targets over a 5 year period from the date of completion of the provision.  In the case of Rothes the targets were provision of an e-learning facility, 3 jobs created as a consequence of the provision but not necessarily within the provision, 120 learners taking non-accredited courses and 40 learners taking accredited courses eg ECDL.

(4), (5) and (6)  We regret that information on the costs of the nursery is not held any longer. The officer who would have had knowledge of this project retired a number of years ago and, despite an extensive search, we have been unable to locate any information relating to questions 4, 5 and 6.

The total cost of relocating the nursery provision in Rothes was £125,000. 40% of this was provided by the ERDF, the remainder from Moray Council's capital budget. The obligation to attract ERDF funding was to create a child-care centre

(7), (8) and (9)  Information not held.

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