FOI Request - Employees Previously Made Redundant

Request 101000137108

(1) For each of the past five financial years, including the current financial year to date, please state the total number of employees who have returned to work for the authority in a new position having previously been made redundant.

(2) In each case, state the amount paid as redundancy and the period of time elapsed between the redundancy and the employees’ return in a new position.

(3) Please state whether the data includes school and teaching staff. Denote this as part of the breakdown of payments and time elapsed, where possible.

Response 02-05-2013 

(1)  Two  

(2)  Employee 1 – 15 months    Employee 2 – 17 months

Amounts are confidential information due to low numbers and potential of identifying individual.

(3)  The data includes one such employee.  

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