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Request 101000137093

Further to my enquiry, I am writing to make a request to Moray Council for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

The request relates to view indicators in the Moray Council Area. By a view indicator, I mean a plate or panel which identifies surrounding landscape features. These can either take the form of a disc or plate with arrows (as for example on the Bin of Cullen) or a panel with a drawing on which landscape features are identified.

On the Moray Ways website there are a number of walks in various categories (Hill Paths, Hill Walking, Low Level Walks etc.) illustrated with maps by Helen Stirling. On some of these maps are marked "Viewpoints" with the standard symbol.

In some cases, there are view indicators at the sites marked as Viewpoints on the maps (for example at the Burghead Viewing Tower) but in some cases there is no view indicator at the site.

The questions I have are:

(1) Of the Viewpoints marked on the maps on the walks on the Moray Ways website, at which sites are there physical view indicators on the ground?

(2) Are there records of any other view indicators in the records of Moray Council (including the Council Archive)? Please provide details of location and, if possible, date of installation. This request includes both any indicators installed by the Moray Council and cases where it may have given planning permission to third parties to install indicators or may otherwise have a record of them.  

Response 09-04-2013

(1) Hill 99, Culbin Forest, Kintessack, Forres

Clarkly hill, Burghead

Ladyhill, Elgin

Califer hill, Forres

Bin of Cullen, Cullen

Ben Rinnes, Dufftown

East Beach, Findhorn

(2) This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 (1b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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