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Request 101000137017

1. The amount spent in each of the last three years by your organisation on producing hard-copy newspapers, newsletters, magazines or news-related publications which are made available to staff and/or service users.  Please list the title and number of copies of each publication produced. If possible please give a break down of staff and printing costs. Please give the cost of these publications before any advertising revenue.

2. The amount raised in advertising revenue by these publications. If possible please break the revenue into public sector advertisers and private sector.

To be clear, I do not expect any authority to include training publications, safety bulletins and the like.

I want the scope of my request to include any publication which is produced to publicise the activities of your organisation to staff or service users.

Response 08-04-2013

Staff Newsletter (Connect)

2010/11 - £6,089.42

2011/12 - £5,407.12

2012/13 - £3,454.49

Newsletter produced every 2 months.

In 2010/11 we were getting roughly 4,500 printed.  In 2011/12 roughly 3,000 printed and 2012/13 roughly 2,000 printed.  Amounts have gone down due to more people getting the newsletter by email.

Tenant's Voice Newsletter (biannual publication, approx. 12,000 per year)

2010/11: £7294.68 printing + £4245.95 postage = £11,540.63

2011/12: £9674.52 printing + £4,000* postage = £13,674.52

2012/13: £7121.63 printing + £4,000* postage = £11,121.63

(*NB actual postage costs were not discernible from other costs against the same cost code for these years - £4,000 was the amount budgeted for the year)

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2012 - Leaflet for tenants (6,000 copies)

2012/13: £590.10 (printing only)

Total spend 2010/11 - 2012/13 = £36,926.88

No advertising revenue was generated from these publications.

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