FOI Request - Quarries

Request 101000136866

I am working on a unique project for better access for disabled people in the countryside, kindly request that you furnish me with the following information please.

(1) Number of quarries within your boundaries that are ancient, abandoned, disused, moth balled with full addresses.

(2) Number of quarries with Monument, Heritage or any other status.

(3) Number of quarries owned and adopted by you.

(4) Number of quarries served with a notice from enforcement for whatever reason.

(5) Number of problematic quarries. Breaches of security, flooded, deaths, injuries, fly-tipping and dumped vehicles etc.

(6) A description and location of all quarries within your boundary.

(7) Number of quarries with failed planning applications with planning application numbers.

Response 29-04-2013

(1) Information can be found here. PDF Logo

(2) Moray Council do not hold any information on quarries which may have a       monument or heritage status. Historic Scotland may hold such information.

(3) The Moray Council do not own and have not adopted any quarries.

(4) Records for Planning, Environmental Health and Building Control have been checked and no instances of enforcement action for any reason has been found.

(5) This information is not held by Moray Council and would respectfully suggest that both SEPA and the Health & Safety Executive would be agencies better able to provide this.

(6) Information can be found here. PDF Logo

(7) There are no records with failed planning application, however the following two quarries had applications for a change of use refused.

(i) Blackhillock Quarry Keith 95/00441/FUL

(ii) Inverugie Quarry, Hopeman 94/01011/FUL

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