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Request 101000132690

We are currently investigating the use of software for the management of key activities in local government.  I would be grateful if you could provide me with answers to the following three questions under the Freedom of Information Act for each of the activities listed below:

1. Who provides the software (in-house/name of third party provider)
2. If you have changed provider in the past 5 years when did you change?
3. If you have changed provider in the past 5 years, who was the previous supplier (please put ‘in house’ if previous software was in house).
The activities of interest are:

a) Document–Records Management

b) Income Management

c) Cash Receipting

d) E-payments

e) General Ledger

f) Vehicle Management

g) CRM (Customer/ Citizen Relationship Management)

h) Waste Management

i) Environmental Health

j) Trading Standards

k) Licensing

l) Social Housing Management (if applicable)

m) Housing and Council Tax Benefits Administration

n) Council Tax Administration

o) Business rates (NNDR)

Response 27-03-2013

a) 1. Microsoft Sharepoint, 2. 01/11/2012, 3. Hummingbird

b) N/A

c) 1. Civica UK Ltd, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

d) 1. e5 V5.3 (advanced business solutions), 2. N/A, 3. N/A

e) 1. e5 V5.3 (advanced business solutions), 2, N/A, 3. N/A

f) 1. Civica Tranman, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

g) 1. Lagan, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

h) Waste Management: 1. Shering Weighing Ltd (for landfill but they've been with us since we first set up Dallachy as a landfill, circa 1993 so not relevant).

Lands & Parks and Waste: Confirm Environmental for asset management – 1997 (ish) the company changes but the application continues as “Confirm”.  Pitney Bowes is the supplier at the moment.

i) 1. UNI-form (IDOX Software Ltd), MVM for Contaminated Land (Northgate Solutions Ltd), Noise Monitoring Software (B&K), 2. N/A 3. N/A

j) 1. UNI-form (IDOX Software Ltd), 2. N/A, 3. N/A

k) 1. Northgate Information Solutions UK Ltd - as successor to/purchaser of Anite below, 2. 31/07/2008 finished old contract with Anite and entered into new one with them and they subsequently became Northgate 3. Anite Secure Information Solutions Ltd

l) 1. iWorld (Northgate Information Solutions), 2. N/A, 3. N/A

m) 1. Civica UK Ltd, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

n) 1. Civica UK Ltd, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

o) 1. Civica UK Ltd, 2. N/A, 3. N/A

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