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Request 101000133331

(1) Firstly. I would like to know how many miles of road works were laid out on an annual basis for the past three years and how much it cost.

(2) I would like to know where these road works were, how long (distance in miles) they were, the duration of time (days) they were laid out for, for what reason/project they were put in place, how much they cost to maintain and the diversions that were put in place to bypass them (if any).

Response 01-04-2013

Please find attached copies of our ‘Capital & Revenue Works Programme’ documents for the past 3 financial years.  These contain details of all planned road maintenance schemes for each year, along with their estimated length and costs.

2010-11 PDF Logo

2011-12 PDF Logo

2012-13 PDF Logo

As we are a Road Authority, the reason for all of the works was to maintain the road asset.

The duration of each works, and the duration and cost of any diversion route used, is not readily available and would require significant work to extract data from the files of the 827 separate works identified within the attached documents.  We estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the cost of £600.00 which is the limit specified by the Scottish Ministers in Scottish Statutory Instruments, 2004 numbers 376 and 467. If the cost of complying with a request is higher than £600.00 we do not have to supply the information under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Excessive Cost of Compliance.

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