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I would be pleased if you could forward any information on the transition process and policy for disabled young people passing from paediatric/juvenile services into adult services within your local authority area.

I am a PhD research student at the University of Aberdeen Department of Politics and International Relations.
The following is a précis of my research proposal:

The treatment of care of adults with Cerebral Palsy(CP) is a relatively new issue, caused largely by the now-higher survival rate associated with medical advances.  The provision of care for children with CP is relatively well established, but there
are ongoing issues regarding the transition to adult care and the longer term issues associated with adult CP. As a result, there is great potential for fragmented treatment and care, which can lead to a reduction in patient ability to function day to day, unless governments or health/local authorities produce a well funded strategic plan. Yet, the current climate suggests that funding is diminishing across the health and social care sectors. It is also difficult to detect a national strategic plan dedicated solely to adult CP at the UK or Scottish Government levels. This study examines the outcomes of adult CP in this context,
exploring the levels of care in Scotland and linking that care to policy decisions made at local and national levels. While the number of adults with CP in Scotland may not be significant in terms of overall numbers of people with disabilities, this
research it is hoped, will contribute to the formation of a more coherent strategy for a wider range of long term disabilities although the research itself focuses on CP.

Response 02-04-2013

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