FOI Request - Forres Common Good Assets

Request 101000135080

(1) Could you supply me with a full list of assets held by Moray Council under Common Good for the royal burgh of
Forres as of 2013 and a list of all assets that were included in the transfer of 1975 from the Forres town council to the Moray District Council the predecessor to Moray Council .

(2) I would also like you to supply me with a detailed map illustrating the locations and boundaries of all of the assets listed under Common Good Forres, with associated area covered by each asset.

(3) In addition I would like to be supplied with a list detailing the original deeds transferring the associated assets to the Common Good of Forres from the previous land owners and any stipulations that were made on the usage of the asset.

Response 16-04-2013

All information can be found here. PDF Logo

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