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I work for The Education Company and we are currently researching how changes in Government spending have affected the support and services Local Councils provide to schools. I appreciate that you are extremely busy but I was hoping that you would be able to help me by completing the following list and indicating the services that:

(a) Were provided by your Local Authority to the schools in your area (i.e. prior to the start of 2013),

(b) Are still provided by your Local Authority

(c) Or those that have never been provided by your Local Authority


14-19 Learning Academies
Accessibility strategy
Alternative Education
Basic Skills
Behavioral Support
Business Resources
Business Studies
Capital & Assets
Contracts Monitoring
Design & Technology
English as an Additional Language
Early Years
Education (General)
Education Welfare service
Educational Psychology
Equal Opportunities
Extended Schools
Facilities management
Free Schools
Gifted & Talented
Governor Services and Development
HR services
Leadership and management
Maths & Numeracy
Music Service
Performing Arts
Physical Education / Sport
Primary Strategy
Pupil Welfare
Reading & Literacy
Religious Education
Research and Information
Risk Management and Insurance
School Admissions
School Improvement
School Inclusion
School Library & Heritage Service
School Transport
Secondary Strategy
Social Care
Social Studies
Special Educational Needs
Specialist Schools
Vocational Education
Youth Offending
IT Services

Response 20-03-2013

14-19 Learning Academies - do not provide

Accessibility strategy - do not provide   

Alternative Education - unsure what this refers to

Art - we provide this

Assessment - we provide this

Basic Skills - unsure what this is referring to exactly

Behavioral Support - we provide this

Business Resources - we provide this

Business Studies - we provide this

Capital & Assets - we provide this

Careers - provided by SDS

Catering - depends on the occasions

Citizenship - delivered in all schools

Cleaning - we provide this via Environmental Services

Connexions - unsure what this is referring to

Contracts Monitoring - unsure what this is referring to

CPD - we provide this

Curriculum - we provide this

Design & Technology - we provide this

English as an Additional Language - we provide this

Early Years - we provide this

Economics - some schools offer this

Education (General) - we provide this

Education Welfare service - unsure

Educational Psychology - we provide this

eLearning - we provide this

English - we provide this

Equal Opportunities - we provide this

e-Safety - we provide this

Extended Schools - unsure what this refers to

Facilities management - we provide this

Finance - we provide this

Free Schools - unsure what this refers to

Gaelic - not provided in this authority

General - Meaning?

Geography - we provide this

Gifted & Talented - under ASfL legislation

Governor Services and Development - not in Scottish system

History - we provide this

HR services - we provide this

Inclusion - we provide this

Insurance - we provide this

Leadership and management - we provide this

Maths & Numeracy - we provide this

Music - we provide this

Music Service - we provide this

Outdoor - we provide this

Performing Arts - we provide this

Physical Education / Sport - we provide this

Primary Strategy - what is this?

Pupil Welfare - we provide this

Reading & Literacy - we provide this  

Recruitment - we provide this        

Religious Education - we provide this        

Research and Information - we provide this

Risk Management and Insurance - we provide this

School Admissions - we provide this              

School Improvement - we provide this

School Inclusion - we provide this

School Library & Heritage Service - we provide this

School Transport - we provide this

Science - we provide this

Secondary Strategy - what is this?

Social Care - we provide this

Social Studies - we provide this

Special Educational Needs - we provide this

Specialist Schools - No

Technology - we provide this

Vocational Education - we provide this

Welsh - No

Youth Offending - we provide this

 IT Services - we provide this  

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