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Request 101000133723

(1) I would like a breakdown of how much is spent by the council on legal fees on an annual basis since 2005.

(2) I would like to know a list of each case including: the case was against; what the case referred to; how much was spent; what law firm or lawyers were used during the process; what the settlement, outcome of the case was or whether it is still on going; whether the council claimed any legal aid, whether any of the legal fees were compensated and any other details related to the individual case.

(3) I am especially interested in this information in regards to cases against companies who are developing wind turbines and wind farms, or if the council has opposed residents or groups that were/are against the development of wind turbines or farms.

Response 08-04-2013

Years 2008 to 2011 costs were more  than usual due to legal advisers for PPP project.

Lands Tribunal costs for flood schemes increased costs for year 2011/12.

It would involve a significant amount of time to go through all our records for the details of each case. The request was particularly interested in costs associated with windfarms. These will largely fall with firm D. 

Part of the windfarm application process involves preparation of a planning agreement. This is negotiated with the developer’s agents. The developer meets the council’s internal legal costs of negotiating the agreement, usually between £400 and £800. It is not proposed to include these costs.

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