FOI Request - School Meals

Request 101000131821

(1) For children who do not get free school meals, how much parents are expected to pay per meal and how many courses this covers (eg starter, main and pudding or just one or two of these).

(2) Can you tell me how much the council tops this up and how much is paid in total by the council to the catering provider(s) used by the council per meal.

(3) Finally, can you tell me how much the catering provider spends on each meal.

(4) Could you please provide an example of the menu on offer to children for their school meal for any three schools in the council area on the day of responding to this request.

Response 27-03-2013

(1) The cost of a primary school meal is £2.00.  

(2) The cost to the council for Primary School meals in 2011/12 was £913,241.15, therefore based on the 593,869 meals provided we pay £1.53 per meal (in addition to the £2.00 charge).

(3) The average meal cost per meal is £2.00 + £1.53 = £3.53.

(4) All primary schools have the same menu please see example menu.

Note: All answers provided are for Primary Schools only.

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