FOI Request - Community Sports Clubs

Request 101000130171

1.  How many "community sports clubs" does your authority currently grant discretionary rate relief to?
2.  What is your authority's current policy (2012/13) for granting discretionary rate relief to "community sports clubs".
3.  Is there a monetary or percentage limit on the amount of discretionary rate relief your authority will grant to a single community sports club?  If yes, how much is this?
4.  Does the authority intend to introduce a new policy new year?  if so, what will be the new policy for 2013/14?
5. What is your authority's total budget for granting discretionary rate relief in 2012/13 and 2013/14?

Response 07-03-2013

(1)  No community sports clubs receive discretionary rate relief.  The facilities that community sports clubs do access in Moray that are Council owned do have reduced hire charges for juniors/over 60s or registered charities but this is across the board.  Normal cost for room hire is £8.50 or sports hall £25.00 however if you are a junior/over 60s or registered charity group then a room hire is £4.25 and sports hall is £8.50.

(2) No policy as we do not provide this rate relief.

(3)  NA

(4)  Not as far as we aware.

(5)  Nothing.

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