FOI Request - School Bus Safety

Request 101000129939

Please confirm how many bus operators within your area have contracts for home to school and have been either temporarily or permanently removed as a result of a VOSA testing failure.

I would also appreciate clarification of what stipulations are made to ensure that seatbelts are worn by the pupils on school buses.

Response 22-03-2013 

Moray Council has twenty one bus and taxi operators providing home to school contracts. The request does not stipulate over what time period; however no contractor has had a contract removed as a result of a VOSA testing failure in the past five years.

Moray Council was the first local authority in Scotland to specify seatbelts on all vehicles used on dedicated school contracts. This came into effect in August 2002. Parents sign a Parental Charter for receipt of school transport which includes a stipulation that seatbelts must be worn. Pupils failing to comply with this requirement can have their home to school transport entitlement withdrawn, placing the transport responsibility of the parents.

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