FOI Request - Scrap Metals

Request 101000128655

Income from disposal of scrap metals, beverage containers (aluminium and tin) and vehicle batteries.
Please provide information for years 2010/11 and 2011/12.
(1) Given that scrap is valuable, indeed has a near cash value hence up coming legislation covering the trade in scrap, is there a contract in place with the companies taking the councils scrap metals, beverage containers (aluminium and tin) and vehicle batteries?
(2) what method is used to reflect the changing, usually upward, value of scrap?
(3) what maximum and minimum values for scrap have been received by the council in each of the last three financial years?

Response 13-03-2013

1.  The Council does not have a contract for scrap metal, we utilise any one of three companies dependent on the area where the scrap arises. Mixed cans collected are currently given to a social enterprise group.  There is no contract in place for vehicle batteries.

2.  Being a small authority with a small number of outlets the changing value of scrap metal is very transparent.




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