FOI Request - Education & Social Care Structure

Request 101000128522

I would like to know the staffing structure within the Education and Social care department. I know who the Corporate director is and also the heads of the individual departments but would like to know the structure between these department heads and the front line workers.

Response 20-03-2013

Please see attached 5 charts which hopefully answer the question as to how the structure hangs together.

1st Chart gives the headline structure with the Section remits for each section

The other four charts expand on the four different headings of Community Care; Integrated Children's Services; Lifelong Learning Culture and Sport and Schools and Curriculum Development.

It should be noted that the service continues to be in a transition period so although these charts capture a picture in time they may change.

Chart 1 (PDF)

Chart 2 (PDF)

Chart 3 (PDF)

Chart 4 (PDF)

Chart 5 (PDF)

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